Cascade Chorus is a vibrant tapestry of voices, representing a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. Each member brings a unique flavour to our collective sound, enriching our performances with individual talents and perspectives. Despite our differences, we are united by a shared passion for singing, which serves as the heart and soul of our group.

Our Performances and Community Involvement

At Cascade Chorus, our diverse repertoire ensures that we have something to suit every occasion and audience. From the intricate harmonies of Barbershop to the heartfelt melodies of Country and Western, the soulful rhythms of Rhythm and Blues, and the uplifting spirit of Gospel, we offer a musical journey that spans across genres and eras.

Our performances have graced a variety of events, bringing joy and entertainment to weddings, fetes, concerts, parties, retirement homes, and Christmas functions. Whether it's a romantic ballad for a wedding ceremony or festive carols to spread holiday cheer, we tailor our music to fit the mood and theme of each event.

Beyond entertaining audiences, we are passionate about giving back to our community. Over the years, our singing has supported numerous local charities, making a positive impact through our shared love of music. This year, we are proud to announce that our chosen charity is The Rosemary Foundation in Petersfield.

The Rosemary Foundation provides valuable hospice care and support for patients and their families facing life-limiting illnesses. We are honoured to support their mission and contribute to the compassionate care they offer to our community. To learn more about The Rosemary Foundation and the important work they do, please visit their website at

 Member of the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers