Singing Is Good For You!

 Whether you sing in the bath, or in the car, singing is fun! Thousands of people are joining choirs to get that sense of enjoyment.

But singing in a choir is more than just a bit of fun.

It's been scientifically proven that it is good for your health, from getting more oxygen into the blood, to increasing the flow of feel good hormones and improving mental health.

So how can singing in a choir be good for you?

We’ve all been there – it’s a fact of modern life that we’re growing busier and busier, and it’s often our social life that can lose out to work. But making the time to socialise and meet new people is incredibly important, and the regular commitment of choir rehearsals and the camaraderie it brings is a great way to do it.

Whether you’re feeling a bit down after a tough week, or are just looking for an activity that makes you feel good, singing in a choir is proven to give us an emotional lift.

When a choir performs, a number of chemical changes happen in the bodies of the singers that boost their mental health.

You may not immediately associate singing as a work out, but there are plenty of physical benefits to singing regularly. Singing boosts the amount of oxygen in the blood, increases energy levels, and works out a range of muscles in the upper body.

Singing releases endorphins which reduce stress and anxiety levels and contribute to a positive mental state. The joint sense of purpose created by coming together in harmony as a group boosts mood and overall wellbeing. Singing makes us take deep breaths, which in turn increases blood flow.

A recent paper by Canterbury University even showed that group singing alleviates feelings of depression and anxiety.

So come along, have some fun and see for yourself! You don't need to be able to read music and you'll get lots of help if you need it.